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CoreTech Recognized as a Premier Omaha IT Services Company by UpCity!

Close-up of shaking hands after a business meeting in the officeCoreTech is excited to share that we have been recognized as one of the premier IT services company in Omaha and nationally by UpCity!

CoreTech’s comprehensive support is one of the key reasons our Omaha-based company is acknowledged by UpCity as one of the top IT services companies in our area and nationally in the United States.


Small to medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming the number one target for hackers and cybercriminals around the globe. That is why it’s absolutely essential your business has a secure and experienced team of IT services experts on your side to keep your data safe and your network up and running. CoreTech is here to help with business IT, phone systems, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity needs.

CoreTech maintains a high standard of service and strives to meet rigorous security standards for our clients. CoreTech obtained the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ credential which involves an extensive review, including an examination of its processes and management policies through a third-party assessment. 

The Trustmark+ credential identifies CoreTech as an IT company that demonstrates a commitment to industry security standards and adheres to prescribed compliance measures. It is the highest level of recognition for solution providers that follow security best practices. Successfully completing the evaluation authenticates a provider’s ability to prevent data breaches and IT security intrusions in their clients’ networks and systems, as well as their own business.

UpCity is a B2B online marketplace that connects businesses to trustworthy service providers.

With 70,000+ listed providers—from digital marketing agencies, consulting firms, development specialists, and many more—over 1.5 million businesses have used UpCity to find an exceptional partner for their needs. 

UpCity’s proprietary algorithm leveraged numerous digital signals to determine the credibility, trustworthiness, and recommendability of U.S. and Canada-based B2B service providers. These digital data points, like reviews (both on UpCity and other third-party review sites), rankings in relevant search results, domain authority, website speed, and user experience, help UpCity connect businesses with high-quality service providers like CoreTech. 

Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity, made the following statement about the CoreTech team:

“Today’s businesses need to know that their customer data and network are secure and running smoothly. The CoreTech team provides an incredible level of service at hard-to-beat prices. We’re proud to call them an UpCity partner!”

- Dan Olson, CEO, UpCity

We’d like to thank UpCity for recognizing our CoreTech. We would also like to acknowledge the support of our clients as we couldn’t earn a recognition like this without your help!Bubbly design of a telemarketer with bolded text


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