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Why your business needs unified communications

Emily Moulder

Regardless of the type or size of business you have, the one aspect that all companies cannot afford to neglect is the way in which they communicate with customers. Unified Communications (UC) is a solution for doing just that! It is not a product but rather a combination of different avenues which boost productivity in the workplace. With collaboration tools such as instant messaging, video, conferencing, mobile applications, integrations, and voice, businesses may boost their productivity and better manage their customer relationships. Rather than switching between different applications, employees use one system to keep their office communications organized, saving time and money. If you still aren’t sure whether to implement a UC system, read on to learn more about the benefits it can bring to your business.

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Questions to think about when upgrading your business PC's

Vee Figueroa
Creating a Technology LifeCycle Management (TLM) Plan is good way to plan ahead for technology upgrades that work within your budget process and your company needs.

While TLM encompasses all hardware, software applications, and renewals of each, a PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) plan is an aspect of planning small to midsize businesses need to have a handle on. There is no one right way to go about technology upgrades.  Working with many different companies, I have found that it is not a “one size fits all” decision.  It is an IT Manager and Account Managers job to help each client navigate the questions they should consider before developing their PCLM plan.  

The only statement that I would make for all clients is that it is much better to have a plan than just wait for disaster to happen and then have to make decisions while in the midst of a “fire drill”.
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Out with the old, in with the new: Is outdated technology impacting your business?

Megan Thiemann

Perhaps “good enough” isn’t really good enough. Is holding off on updating your technology holding your business back? What factors do you need to consider when holding on to outdated technology? Read on…

Impact on Productivity
So, your aging server crashed, again! Your employees are sitting at their desks waiting…all the while losing precious work hours. System downtime directly correlates to time and money lost. Updated technology and support allow you to focus on your business – not the technology problems. An outdated network, PC or Laptop not only slow your workers’ productivity, but a reliance on older hardware and software will also hinder new technology you want to incorporate into your workplace. 

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I’m looking at new PCs & laptops at NFM and Best Buy. Is it okay to buy a consumer class computer for my business?

Joel Havenridge

Every now and then we have a client that for one reason or another ends up with a consumer class computer. They may be wanting to save money, or needed a computer for a new hire ASAP. So what's wrong with that? If it's an HP computer that should be good enough right?

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