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Why Does Your Organization Need Mobile Device Management?

mobile device managementThe current popularity of remote and flexible work options marks an evolution in normal workplace practices. But, while your employees may enjoy their newfound freedom of working from mobile devices within their home office or local coffee shop, you as a business owner or manager may have some security concerns about monitoring and managing all those mobile devices.

That’s where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes into the equation.

What is MDM?

Mobile device management is a type of security software that organizations like yours can use to secure and monitor mobile devices that have access to company data. Those devices can include laptops, tablets, and other handhelds like cell phones.

Why should I implement MDM in my organization?

MDM is essential for any organization that has a mobile workforce, even if employees only occasionally use those mobile devices.

There are several reasons to implement MDM in your organization, as it allows for a high level of global and/or remote control for mobile devices. With MDM, your organization can enhance productivity without sacrificing IT security.

Easy Tracking and Loss Discovery

MDM software can track the device's location, usage and status. Audible and visual alerts can be sent to the device to aid in finding lost equipment.

Plus, if it turns out that the machine was compromised, the admin of your MDM application can initiate data destruction or complete a total device wipe if necessary. This will protect your files, and your organization, from potential data leaks or breaches.

Compartmentalize BYOD Assets

With a vast increase of BYOD (bring your own device) requests due to the recent surge in remote work, MDM can offer compartmentalization for company assets on a personal device. This offers a degree of separation between personal data and business data, and you still have the ability to protect it or even destroy it before it gets discovered by the wrong person.

Prevent Unauthorized Downloads and Jailbreaking

MDM can help prevent forms of hacking, such as unauthorized downloads, viewing or sensitive document transfer outside of company protocol. It can also prevent jailbreaking and other forms of privilege escalation.

Additional Advantages do more than just offer peace of mind

Mobile device management will, of course help, you keep your data separate and secure on laptops, handhelds, and tablets, but you can also take advantage of other benefits like:

  • VPN control
  • Bulk software upgrades
  • Installation control
  • Browsing limitations
  • Data usage control
  • Policy changes

Let CoreTech aid you in monitoring and managing your organization’s mobile devices.

In today’s working world, allowing the flexibility of a mobile workforce isn’t just an option anymore, in some cases it’s a necessity. It’s important for your employees to have access to the necessary files and data they need to perform their duties, but being mobile and flexible doesn’t mean ignoring your organization’s IT security policies.

With mobile device management from CoreTech, you get the help of an expert team that knows the importance of cyber security and MDM. We will take care of everything from implementing the software to managing your devices. We will configure the software to suit your organization’s permissions and access needs, and we can also provide real-time statistics to show exactly how your organization’s mobile devices are being used.

If you’re ready to see what MDM can do for your remote or mobile workforce, contact us today.

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