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  Remote Work Readiness Is Critical for Your Omaha Business

In today’s modern office, remote work is no longer an option—it’s virtually a necessity. Enabling employees to work outside the office allows you to attract talent from across the world, retain skilled team members and even work more effectively. And it can play a vital role in business continuity planning in case of an unexpected event.

Cloud-based applications, communications solutions, and other tools make it possible for employees to perform the same tasks and maintain productivity—even when working from home.

Here are a few ways companies are moving in-person interactions online:
  • Hosting meetings on video conferencing applications
  • Using document sharing programs to collaborate in real-time
  • Configuring phone systems to route calls to mobile phones
  • Replacing on-site servers with cloud hosted ones
  • Tailoring security solutions to meet the needs of a remote workforce

Without the right tools and policies in place, remote work can be a frustrating experience and can potentially impact efficiency and employee morale.

That’s where we come in. CoreTech is committed to helping small to midsize businesses empower remote employees. Our team can help you choose tools that will allow your business to reach its goals and stay competitive in your industry—no matter where your team is working from.

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After the COVID-19 pandemic struck, millions of global businesses learned that enabling their remote workforce is critical to business continuity.

CoreTech is well-prepared to support Omaha and nearby businesses. We're offering our help to proactively adapt your IT resources to enable the success of your remote workforce and your organization.

To help you assess common remote workforce IT considerations, we created the following free checklist:

Making Remote Work, Well, Work

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Remote Working Solutions

Building a successful remote work environment means establishing and implementing clear policies and top-tier technology that allows employees to work unobstructed.

CoreTech’s aim isn’t to just help clients with the technology they need to manage remote workflows. We also work with clients to build strong company policies that address the cultural, administrative, and security challenges that arise with a remote workforce. And we help customers configure cybersecurity tools to protect assets while employees are outside the office.

Communication & Collaboration

Remote working communication and collaboration are key areas when setting up work-from-home solutions. Businesses must leverage tools to increase efficient communication, such as:
  • Conference Calls
  • Internal Instant Messaging
  • Internal & External Video Chat
  • Remote Employee Training via Video

Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom allow employees to adjust to remote work more readily, keeping them connected with the rest of the team. These tools can also be used to collaborate and communicate with clients and external partners without sacrificing quality or professionalism.

CoreTech can help deploy the right remote work communication tools for your business’s specific needs, and we can assist with training so your staff can use these tools as effectively as possible.

Phones & Mobility

Modern phone systems offer great flexibility to enable remote work, allowing calls to be routed to mobile phones. Call masking makes it possible for outgoing calls to appear as if they are coming from your company when dialed from a mobile phone.

From retrofitting older systems to implementing cloud or hosted phone solutions for central management, reporting, and vendor deployment, there are a variety of solutions CoreTech can deploy for remote working communication. We’ll help you choose the features and functionality you need to keep working unhindered.

Remote Access

For employees to remain productive while working remotely, they still need the ability to connect with networks and databases from home. Our team can help you provide secure ways for team members to access data and tools online.

Regardless of whether you’re providing your team with laptops or allowing staff to use their own devices, CoreTech can ensure that employees have the applications they need to conduct business as usual.

Cloud Infrastructure & Tools

For many businesses, implementing a long-term work-from-home policy is much easier after moving to a cloud-based or hosted infrastructure. By migrating servers and data to the cloud, employees can more easily access office resources from home.

CoreTech can assist in moving your business’s servers, data, and applications to a cloud-based solution, like Microsoft 365, AWS, or Azure.

Choosing cloud solutions also allows you to reduce the time and expense associated with maintenance and upgrades.


Security is always a primary concern for businesses, but keeping assets safe can be particularly challenging when employees work remotely. Allowing employees to work from home can introduce new points of vulnerability that will need to be secured to reduce the risk of a cybersecurity event.

CoreTech’s team possesses outstanding qualifications for cybersecurity protection. We’ll help you build a layered approach that allows you to address all different aspects of your remote network. We can even help you monitor networks and databases, back up assets, and create strong disaster recovery and business continuity plans to keep your business up and running, no matter what.

Consulting & Support

Technology isn’t the only thing you need to facilitate remote work. The human aspect also plays a major role. Employees need clear directives on how to behave while working from home. They need guidelines to keep them from compromising your organization’s security. And, they need tools that will help them feel supported and connected to the team.

CoreTech’s consultants can help you develop remote work and acceptable use policies that will communicate company expectations and best practices to team members. Our CoreCare | Critical plan also includes unlimited help desk and remote support, so employees can easily solve technical problems they experience from home.

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CoreTech Remote Work Capabilities

Telework is a permanent shift in today’s workforce. It’s incredibly important that you embrace remote work, equipping employees with the tools needed to thrive in a more modern working environment. CoreTech helps businesses identify where changes need to be made and offers service and support while they implement work-from-home tools and procedures.
Best-in-Class Tools
Best-in-Class Tools
We evaluate and hand pick industry-leading tools that offer excellent value and powerful functionality without sacrificing efficiency or professional appearance.
CoreTech IT Solutions
Custom Solutions
CoreTech takes a customized approach to client solutions, ensuring that the remote working solution is effective and optimized for each organization’s specific needs.
CoreTech IT Support
Our IT experts are committed to supporting your journey to implement remote working solutions. Our support team ensures your business thrives in a work-from-home environment.

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