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How to Stay Organized and Save Time with Microsoft OneNote

stay organized and save time with microsoft onenoteOneNote provides users with a quick and efficient way to take notes, while still staying organized.

Regardless of whether you want to write or type your notes, all is possible when using OneNote.

Learn how to navigate the application and personalize it to what you need - while also staying organized and saving time!

1. Page Templates

OneNote comes with page templates that let you create new pages to fit what you’re working on - and save you time trying to organize it.

You can pick templates from different categories such as: Academic, Business Meetings and Projects, Blank, Decorative, and Planners.

To choose one:

  1. Click Insert
  2. Click Page Templates
  3. Select the category and template

microsoft onenote page templates

2. OCR Technology

If you’re working on a tablet such as the Microsoft Surface, you can insert lines to help you take notes and guide your writing.

OneNote uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to recognize your handwriting and convert it to text.

Simply click the button ‘Ink to Text’ or ‘Ink to Math’ to convert formulas to text.

OCR is also useful in taking text out of an image and copying it to the clipboard, so it can be found when searching for it. Click ‘Copy Text from Picture’ in the context menu.

To insert lines:

  1. Click View
  2. Choose Rule lines
  3. Pick which style you want

To take Text out of an image:

1. Right click and select 'Copy Text from Picture'

microsoft onenote and optical character recognition

3. Indent and outdent shortcut

            Indent:  Alt+Shift Right Arrow

           Outdent:   Alt+Shift+ Left Arrow

4. Password protection

If you have any information in your notes that you don’t want others to be able to access, then you can place a password on it.

Simply right click on the tab you want to be protected with a password on and click ‘Password Protect this Section’ in the context menu.

Click ‘Set Password,’ provide the credentials you want and you’re done!microsoft onenote password protection

5. Tag important notes

It is easy to get lost when you have all of your notes in one place.

Tagging them helps you organize, and find what you’re looking for.

Simply click the line of text you want to tag and click tag options on the Home tab. This feature also allows you to create a personal To-Do list with the 'To Do' tag button and  mark them as done with a single click of your mouse!

Tag important notes.png

6. Take notes without opening OneNote

You don’t need to keep OneNote open in order to take notes.

You can quickly jot down notes, an important date, or quick reminder by clicking Windows+N to open a quick note.

You can also take a screenshot using the same button and send them to your notes.

Take Notes without having OneNote open.png

7. Do basic calculations

Rather than having to switch back and forth between calculator and notes, OneNote can solve multiple different calculations without leaving the application.

To do so, type the equation followed by ‘=’ and then press the spacebar to show the answer.

If you don’t want the equation to show in your notes you can delete everything except for the answer.

To get a solution:

  1. Type the equation- For example 697038/48379
  2. Type = and hit the Space Bar

Do basic calculations in onenote

8. Send your notes to others

OneNote makes it exceptionally easy to share your notes with others. Whether you want to send it in an email, share it for a group project, or with an online meeting you’re just a few clicks away.

To send in an email:

Click Email Page in the ‘Home’ tab, type in their email address and click send!

To share it with others:

Click File --> Share and select your desired method.

Send your notes to others microsoft onenotepng


OneNote includes all of the features needed to efficiently take, and organize notes.

Knowing how to navigate the application only improves the time that can be saved when using it! 

Do you have any questions about how you could be using OneNote in your workplace?

Contact CoreTech today; our expert IT team would be happy to discuss your business needs and goals in order to find the best technology solutions for you.

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