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How Can a Managed IT Service Provider Help Local Government?

IT support for local governmentKeeping up with evolving demands is a key part of helping your community thrive. Digital transformation has aided numerous local government agencies in the past few years, with solutions as simple as public WiFi access around parks and swimming pools, improving communication between institutions, and more. 

However, someone needs to manage digital transformation, and if your local government is already busy servicing parks, emergency services, courts, transportation or public works, how can you make the time and carve out a budget to manage all your IT needs? 

Enter in a managed IT service provider. Outsourcing IT can offer a range of solutions for your local government agency, including:  

  • Defending against cyber security threats 
  • Keeping data private 
  • Providing 24/7 IT help desk support 
  • Recommending the right technology to help your agency and community thrive 

Defend your local government agency against security threats 

While no industry is completely safe from cyber crime, local government agencies are strong targets for cyber criminals. Even a single phishing email or malicious ad can cripple your entire institution, but the right IT service provider will help you develop a robust, layered IT security strategy to help detect threats and prevent them from harming your systems and devices. 

Experienced managed service providers can also help develop an IT security awareness training program for your staff. These programs involve phishing email simulations, password security best practices, malware education, mobile device security, and much more. They also offer training programs to educate your employees that go far beyond a text-heavy PowerPoint presentation. 

Keep data private and government agencies compliant  

As the leader in a local government agency, you know that your end users handle a lot of confidential information. From private documents and contracts to institutional banking accounts, data privacy is crucial.  

An IT service provider can help fill in potential gaps with solutions like data encryption to ensure data is transferred securely. Some MSPs can even establish clearance levels so your users are accessing what they need for their job, and not have access to a lot of other information. 

Provide always-on IT support for end users 

Computer problems crop up all the time—are your employees equipped to solve the issues? 

You need to be able to support your area or city and encourage community growth. But if your systems aren’t working the way they should, you can’t meet the needs of your community. 

IT services, especially 24/7 IT support, can help keep your systems and devices operational. MSPs help with a range of computer problems throughout the day, including computers freezing, possible viruses, sluggish PCs, app failures, and more. 

Recommend the right technology to help your agency and community thrive 

While an MSP that can help you stay secure and operational is important, finding one that can help your entity or agency build a technology roadmap is even better. The best managed service providers don’t just recommend technology for the sake of it; they recommend solutions that will align with your goals —ones they know will meet your needs.  

They’ll also assist with system refreshes, equipment upgrades and renewals, and additional technology plans like business continuity and disaster recovery. 

Trust CoreTech as your local government’s IT service provider 

With over 20 years of experience providing IT support, business phone system management, IT security, and cloud computing solutions to small and midsized organizations, CoreTech is here to help your local government agency.  

Our team will zero in on your business goals to help boost your bottom line, while keeping downtime to a minimum. That’ll let you focus on your community. It’s a refreshing approach to IT services, and it’s why we’re already the chosen provider of IT solutions for several local government agencies. 

Ready to experience the difference? Contact us today to get started. 

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