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4 Tips to Creating Your SMB IT Budget

Creating an IT budget isn’t always easy for CFOs of small to midsize businesses. You’re busy keeping the business wheels turning to ensure the cash flow is there to sustain growth, analyzing key metrics, collecting accounts receivable, and reviewing reports.
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The Difference Between RaaS, Ransomware 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0

Ransomware has maintained the boogeyman title of cyber security for nearly three decades, growing steadily as its target expanded from individuals to corporations to government facilities and education. Since its creation, hackers have sophisticated ransomware attacks on a database, creating multiple versions to fit whatever objective they try to achieve.
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Topics: Data Breach, Network Security

The Phishing Baits Hackers Use to Reel You In

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Topics: Staff Training, Data Breach, Network Security

Fraudulent Accounts: Victims Losing Thousands on LinkedIn

With over 830 million members in 200 plus countries worldwide, LinkedIn is a great tool for business professionals to utilize. LinkedIn differs from its social media counterparts with its added ability to search and recruit for jobs, strengthen professional relationships, and pick up on tips colleagues have learned.
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, Trends

Email Encryption 101: What it is, How it Works, & Why Your SMB Needs it

Email is one of the core connectors for both internal and external communication. Millions of emails are sent daily to update, inform, advertise, and more. But security measures, such as email encryption, must be instilled when the email contains confidential information.
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Topics: Security Threats, Microsoft Products, Unified Communications

Exposing a Hackers Popular Tactic: the Brute Force Attack

Hackers continue to refine their intrusion techniques to create more sophisticated attacks. But they still use tried and true methods. One is a brute force attack, a trial-and-error hacking method to crack passwords, login credentials, and encryption keys. They systematically try or steal, different usernames and passwords until they log into the system correctly.
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Topics: Security Threats, Data Breach, Network Security

Outlook vs. Gmail Head-to-Head: Which One is Best for Business?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the head-to-head match. In the red corner, the underdog is gaining ground with over 6 million business users and owning over 10 percent of the market productivity suite through Google Workspace, Gmail. Over in the blue corner, our champion contender with over 87% of market productivity and is connected to one of the largest online business portals, Outlook. Which email service is coming out on top as the best email service for your business?
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Topics: Microsoft Products, The Workplace, Technology Planning

What Industries are the Biggest Targets for Cyber Attacks?

Have you ever walked around feeling like there was a looming target on your back? Like someone’s waiting for you to make a wrong move?
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Topics: Security Threats, Finance, Law, Health Care, Manufacturing

6 MORE Microsoft 365 Apps You Didn't Know Existed [+Bonus App]

As the Microsoft 365 landscape continues to evolve and develop, we wanted to showcase more apps you have access to with your subscription!
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Topics: Microsoft Products, The Workplace

Are Curved Monitors Viable Office Solutions?

You’ve seen these sleek, curved displays in the stores, online, and maybe even have one at home as a part of your teens gaming setup, but are they for the office environment? Read on to find out, tangibly, what makes them special, and what the pros and cons are for using them in the workplace.
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Topics: Equipment Purchases, The Workplace, Manufacturing