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Al Howard

Al Howard
I am a pay-it-forward type of person whose passion is helping individuals and businesses optimize their use of technology. I call it the “End User Experience.” Technology is supposed to save us time and make our lives easier, right? Well, too often, it fails to live up to our expectations. But with a bit of one-on-one time, I have helped even timid users truly embrace how the right technology can, and will, save them valuable time. In addition, the frustration that often accompanies trying to learn something new is minimized. In the future, I will contribute to and share my knowledge and experiences to hopefully make YOUR personal interaction with technology even better.

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3 Simple Ways Technology Can Recapture Your Time

Al Howard
When I talk to clients, I often ask them if they spend about 20 minutes a day looking for something. After all, 20 minutes is not that much time, or is it? Often, I get a big laugh followed by a response with a much more concerning amount of time, ranging between one to two hours. Really? Why?
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