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Joel Havenridge

Joel Havenridge

As the Systems Engineer’s Team Lead, Joel Havenridge is responsible for the design, implementation, stability, integrity, and efficient operation of information systems that support CoreTech's clients.
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Passwords are like underwear

Joel Havenridge

Almost anything you do online these days requires a password, from logging into your Facebook account to conducting online banking to managing personal and business credit card statements. Passwords are a necessity to keep your online information safe and sound. How should you protect your passwords?

  1. You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them.
  2. You should change them regularly
  3. Don’t share them with friends.
  4. You shouldn’t loan them out!
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Topics: Staff Training

I’m looking at new PCs & laptops at NFM and Best Buy. Is it okay to buy a consumer class computer for my business?

Joel Havenridge

Every now and then we have a client that for one reason or another ends up with a consumer class computer. They may be wanting to save money, or needed a computer for a new hire ASAP. So what's wrong with that? If it's an HP computer that should be good enough right?

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