What does client-centric IT mean?

A letter from our President...

Client_Centric_Compass.jpgAs you review our website, you will probably notice three points emphasized: our focus on our clients' business goals, our desire for collaborative partnerships, and our incorporation of integrated services and solutions for our clients' benefit. Our overarching focus to all of this is our passion to place the client at the center of our universe.

Our love of technology and pursuit of serving clients' business needs keeps all of us at CoreTech focused on what our clients experience. For this reason we don't put products and vendors first. Without a doubt they are part of the solution, however our focus on technology as a strategic asset and how a particular piece of hardware or application benefits your business process is more important.

Your experience with us is central to our team fulfilling our focus, passion and ongoing mission, thus we carefully select and build the people, procedures, tools, and platforms to best serve our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your IT support needs. Many prospects find our approach refreshing with our first discussion centering on your business needs, the process, our team-concepts, collaboration, relationships, and our feedback loop.

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Chris Vilim

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