IT Security Solutions

Customized IT Security Solutions

Confidently protect your business in every area of risk, whether it be IT security or physical security CoreTech is here to assist! Omaha and Lincoln-area small to midsize businesses have their own needs and budget, which aren’t suited to a “one size fits all” approach. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Keep up-to-date on risks occurring in the here and now by going to our Cybersecurity Awareness web page. We maintain a listing of current and recent threats you and your staff need to know about. 

In addition, CoreTech offers in-house staff training for your Omaha or Lincoln metro area business. Every business person needs to know the security landscape and what they can do to prevent themselves and their business from obtaining a virus, stealing an identity, or locking up data. Visit our training web page today!



IT Security

Protect your business with integrated, smart and layered solutions. It is the best way to protect your company, and give you more peace of mind in running your business. Our small and midsize business clients’ appreciate our staff expertise and the strength of our vendor-partners’ solutions to protect their business'. We also provide assistance with HIPAA, PCI and other compliance requirements. No business is immune to an attack, however there are solutions we can put in place for you today which will guard your business systems and minimize impact.

  • IT security assessments
  • Layered, managed security solutions
  • Remote network monitoring across wired and wireless networks
  • Data backup with instant failover


Physical Security

Set aside the cookie-cutter approaches from the large security companies and visit with us about your business needs, goals and drivers. From small to large designs and installations, we have the team in place to help you protect your business with the right equipment, tools and technology. With CoreTech as your partner you will have a system that suits your unique needs and budget—and we don’t stop adding value there! Our experts are immersed in technology knowledges as well--key to a well-run project.

  • Security assessments
  • Security solutions (including video surveillance, software, recording systems,
            and access control)
  • Wireless solutions
  • Mobile solutions (access cameras from your mobile device)