A Business Owners Guide to Password Management (1)

Are you and your employees tired of coming up with, forgetting, and resetting countless passwords for your online accounts?

We totally get it, and we're happy to tell you that there's a better way. You need a password manager. Specifically, you need LastPass. 

To find out what you need to know about using LastPass for your business, and how to get started, download our FREE guide now.


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Stop wasting time on passwords.

We're committed to keeping your data secure,
and we'll never give your information to anyone. 


Is this guide right for you?

This guide was written for business owners and professionals who are fed up with the seemingly never-ending password cycle. You create a new account, are prompted for a password, and then freeze. The cursor blinks and blinks, awaiting your response, but you come up blank. After a few more moments, you can't come up with anything unique, so you opt to enter a password you've already used 14 times. 

You know you shouldn't, but sometimes you do it anyway. 

And that's putting your organization at serious risk of an IT security breach.

That's why we wrote this guide—to show you a better, easier way to deal with password security: the LastPass Password Management Vault.


Using LastPass

Within our guide, we detail:

  • selecting a subscription
  • everything you need to know about the "Master Password"
  • navigating the LastPass extension
  • how to auto-generate secure passwords

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Take it Further

In addition to basic use, our guide goes over numerous features of LastPass to help you maximize your experience with the app: 

  • password sharing (securely!)
  • the mobile application
  • single-sign on
  • one-time passwords
  • multifactor authentication
  • best practices

The right password policy simplifies and secures your business.

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