Copy of Lets Taco Bout Your Password Management! (3)

We'll unlock a perfect recipe for your IT security systems.

CoreTech president Chris Vilim gives an enlightening presentation about password management.

This conversation is a perfect recipe for your business IT security strategy. In fact, let's compare it to a taco.

We'll start with the foundation—the shell.

  • Insight on the dangers of unsecure passwords
  • 6 signs your business needs a password manager ASAP

Then, we'll add the main ingredient: a password management solution.

  • We'll unveil CoreTech's preferred choice in password management applications.

And finally, no taco recipe is complete without some delightful toppings. 
  • Chris will walk you through, step by step, exactly how to use it, and use it most effectively!
  • All your password management questions, answered by the experts.

You won't want to pass up this important conversation.


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