Is Your Omaha Organization Secure from Phishing Threats?

Don't get hooked! 

Scores of phishing threats have been making waves since the start of 2020, and cyber criminals are only going to continue to ramp up their efforts.

Did you know?

  • From February to March 2020, Security Magazine reported a 667% increase in the number of reported phishing attacks?
  • Google blocked 18 million phishing emails in one April week alone. 
  • 84 percent of SMBs were targeted by phishing attacks in 2019?

You can't afford to ignore the risks.

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Phishing awareness is just one step.

CoreProtect | Managed. Maintained. Monitored.

Every office needs a firewall, but it's not always prudent to manage and update that device or software yourself, as that will involve additional time and money that you could be funneling into other areas of your business.

When you choose to have the experts at CoreTech manage your organization's firewall, you won't have to worry about a thing.

That means:

  • No up-front investment or large expenditures for hardware purchases
  • Transparent budgeting packaged into a convenient monthly fee
  • No onsite servers for logging or reporting
  • Enhanced security for your organization
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Doing business online means staying off the phishing line.

If you've already downloaded our eBook, it's time to take the next step in bolstering your organization's IT security defenses. Start training your employees today, so they can prevent an attack tomorrow.

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