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March 2016

Hello friend,

What is one of the quickest ways a hacker can take down your machine and take away from your daily productivity and/or money? --Phishing emails. Yes, you need to be able to recognize one when it arrives in your inbox and not be caught off guard by the inquiries, links and attachments which hackers send. When successful, phishing attempts implant a virus, and/or use your machine to take down a network.

So, shouldn't my spam filter catch the email? As a first line of defense, your security software will catch infected email and do that job well. However, it is important to note that the bad guys are constantly revising and attacking using new methods. Once discovered, security vendors revise their methods and software, and the fight continues. So, your security software will catch the lion's share of infected mail, but it is still important for you to recognize phishing emails on your own in case the fiter does not catch them. If you identify a phishing email in your inbox--delete it.

Yesterday you received a CoreAlert telling you about a new phishing email circulating to companies here in Omaha. Take a look at the graphic and instructions, so that you are familiar with the phishing email and what to do. If you missed the email, click here to view the web page copy. Also, to view our previous blog post on identifying phishing emails, click here.

Do you have further questions about phishing emails or are concerned about an email you recently received? Contact us at or 402.398.9580 opt. 1.

Best regards,
Angela Wight   

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Find out how radios influenced Gary's love for technology at the young age of 12!


The Windows 10 upgrade process for your business 


In my prior post I addressed the question, “Should I upgrade my business to Windows 10?” If you read through the checklist and walked away thinking, “Yes, I should potentially upgrade to Windows 10” then the next logical question is “How do I go about upgrading?”


How to combat workplace distractions 


It’s a struggle sometimes to get the most out of your work day. With interruptions, distractions, disturbances and maybe even some interferences, what’s a worker to do? How can you fight distractions that are causing you to lose valuable minutes every day? Keep reading to find out some of the top ways to fight workplace distractions, so that you can produce high-quality work and get ahead in your career!


Working from home is easy (and productive)


So here we are on the verge of spring (thank goodness), and I do have to say this winter gave us some perilous drives to work. In fact, one so icy that my boss declared it a “work at home” day. I was relieved as I live on a hill that is not forgiving and there were no snow plows in sight!

In years past, working from home would have not have been as productive as I had files and software that I need available to get my work done. Now, there are so many different avenues to tap to be productive away from the office that working from home was not an issue!


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Omaha-Free-IT-Services-1.jpgYes, you heard it right, we’re running a special promotion from now until May 15, 2016 on a FREE month of service for new clients signing up for CoreCare and/or CoreBackup services.

Depending on the size of your company that is a value of $800 to $8,000 in IT services!

Not familiar with CoreCare and CoreBackup services?

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