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November 2016 

Hello friend,

This month, we are focusing on the topic of mobility. One of the best tools I use to stay mobile in the workplace is my Surface Pro. Having used one for some time now, I have come to love and depend on the features, accessories, and mobility aspects.

Being involved in many different meetings throughout the day, I have the need to take an abundant amount of notes. My Surface Pro allows me to not only write directly on the screen with the Surface Pen, but also cut, paste, and organize my notes with ease.

The features that I find work well include the light, compact weight of the Surface, the long-life battery that allows me to work my entire day with the device without having to charge it, and the fact that I can lean my hand on the screen while writing.

If you are looking for a way to stay mobile in the workplace, contact us today about what the Surface Pro can do for you! It is a product I personally recommend.

Best Regards,
Tom Montgomery

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Upgrading PC's.jpgQuestions to think about when upgrading your business PC's

Creating a Technology LifeCycle Management (TLM) Plan is good way to plan ahead for technology upgrades that work within your budget process and your company needs.

While TLM encompasses all hardware, software applications, and renewals of each, a PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) plan is an aspect of planning small to midsize businesses need to have a handle on. There is no one right way to go about technology upgrades.  Working with many different companies, I have found that it is not a “one size fits all” decision.  It is an IT Manager and Account Managers job to help each client navigate the questions they should consider before developing their PCLM plan.  

The only statement that I would make for all clients is that it is much better to have a plan than just wait for disaster to happen and then have to make decisions while in the midst of a “fire drill”.

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Windows 10.jpgOutsmart cybercriminals with Windows 10

2016 has seem some major data breaches. From 700 Snapchat employees having their personal information stolen in March, to Yahoo announcing in September that a hacker stole information from over 500 million accounts, cybercriminal activity is only growing. In fact, the average cost of data breaches per incident amounts to a shocking $3.5 million!
Security vendors are indeed doing their best to keep up with new, more advanced threats, however adoption of changes by businesses needs to be advancing as well. What can your business do to avoid winding up on the 2017 major data breaches list? Microsoft has an answer for you—Windows 10.
This will not be the first place you’ve heard it, but passwords are not secure. 75% of us use the same three or four passwords for all of our accounts, from our work email to our twitter profile. Windows 10 provides a solution for this with their introduction of Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello. These systems only allow entry into your data by scanning a finger print, face, or iris. This way only YOU can access YOUR device.

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Disaster.jpgIs your organization ready for disaster?

A disaster can come in varied forms. Yes, some have a low likelihood of occurring (tornado, fire, or earthquake), and yet some do not (cut cable to the building, power outage, or employee absenteeism). Has your team evaluated the probability of the risks at hand? If not, you will want to take a look at this download checklist and determine what impact any of the items may have and what action needs to be taken.

Downloadable Checklist

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