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January 2016

Hello friend,

Have you been contemplating a Windows 10 upgrade? Well, now is the time to dive in and determine the best way to go about taking advantage of that free upgrade from Microsoft before the July 29, 2016, deadline.

So is it just a matter of saying "yes" and pressing "proceed" with the download? Well, there a little more to it if you want to be prepared for the upgrade. Why? Assessing how Windows 10 will operate with the business applications you use, as well as devices you connect will help determine what's in store for your office. This process will help you detect any incompatible equipment or applications, and will identify vendors who don’t yet fully support the new Windows 10 operating system.

Contact me or Tom Montgomery today to continue down the Windows 10 assessment and upgrade path!

Best regards,
Vee Figueroa

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Curious as to what Office 2016 offers your team? Find out what your missing by viewing this quick-hit slideshow.



"Working on some marketing projects has helped me realize I chose the right major," stated Megan Thiemann. 


On the blog: What you need to know about malvertising

Just last week Wired published an article on “malvertising,” which I think maBusiness_end_user.jpgy be of interest to SMB business owners and managers.

One question that frequently comes up when our clients review their CoreCare reports focuses on malware infections and user habits. They see the report that shows how many malware objects were recently blocked and on which computers. They typically ask what the end user may have been doing to instigate this.


On the blog: I thought going to the cloud was cheaper? Busting the myth...

Isnt_the_cloud_cheaper.jpgYour business IT was under control…and then the clouds rolled in.

Before the clouds rolled in most of our small businesses had an onsite server hosting data, business applications, and Microsoft Exchange for email. We supported the server and the network, and the software companies supported the business applications. The applications and data were very centralized, and the network design was relatively straight forward.

Then the cloud entered the conversation. It presented a whole host of solutions and advantages for access, storage, mobility, and scalability; and many vendors promised a less expensive solution for businesses. Therein lies the myth.


Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide to Disaster Recovery Planning

Checklist_AgilityRecovery.jpgWhether this item has made it to your to do list or not, don't miss out on downloading this great 12-page resource for your business. Published by Agility Recovery, this resource outlines the basic planning process, providing you with affordable and actionable steps. Protect your business and start taking these planning steps today.

"Having a solid disaster recovery plan in place can mean the difference between giving into a crisis and surviving. According to the Small Business Administration, over 90 percent of businesses will fail within two years after being struck by disaster."  - Agility Recovery

Download the whitepaper here >>

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