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February 2016

Hello, friend

We want to do business with more great businesses like yours! So for a limited time, we’ve increased our bonus to you for the referral AND, in addition to that we would like to offer the company you refer savings as well—one free month of IT contract services! How’s that for a great deal? So here’s the scoop.

For a limited time, between now and May 15, 2016:

  1. The company you refer will receive their first month CoreCare or CoreBackup service free when signing a 1-year contract.
  2. For the business you refer to CoreTech you will receive $100 (a $50 increase) Visa gift card for each referral that signs a contract with us.
Keep in mind—if you are reading this offer, and are interested in CoreTech’s services, and would like to take advantage of the “first month free” offer for your own business, give me a call!

Contact us today!

Best regards,
Angela Wight

Send a request straight to our support team - in your own words, and no waiting on the phone.

Special Offer
Use our screen cleaning cloth to dust off those monitors and devices. Request yours today!

Dinner on Us
We want to do business with more great businesses like yours! Refer a new business client our way and when they engage our services, make sure they mention your name and company. We'll reward you with a $50 gift card!


Working with large documents in Word? Use this quick tip to create a table of contents.



With an eye for adventure and a love for her clients, Vee likes to keep things “moving right along!”


Should I upgrade my business to Windows 10?

Windows_10_White_BlueBkgrd_SM.jpgYou are probably well aware that Windows 10 will remain a free download from Microsoft through July 29, 2016. It’s a great deal, right? New version of Windows at no cost – awesome! Yes, however what you need to know for your business, and Microsoft doesn’t tell you, is that you will need to engage your IT provider (CoreTech) to assist with the upgrade. That means your “free upgrade” isn’t so “free”.


Out with the old, in with the new: Is outdated technology impacting your business?

Update_Your_Outdated_Technology.jpgPerhaps “good enough” isn’t really good enough. Is holding off on updating your technology holding your business back? What factors do you need to consider when holding on to outdated technology? Read on…

Impact on Productivity
So, your aging server crashed, again! Your employees are sitting at their desks waiting…all the while losing precious work hours.


How to take charge of your business--with data, measurements & technology

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  -Peter Drucker, Management Consultant

Business_Dashboard-CoreTech.jpgBusiness owners and managers are confronted daily with reports from their accounting system, reports from their HR system, and reports from their CRM system—plus numerous other spreadsheets containing multiple data points that may be important! One could spend hours poring through reports and spreadsheets and still not come up with the key data to help measure performance of a company or department. Have you felt that pain?



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