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Out with the old, in with the new: Is outdated technology impacting your business?

Megan Thiemann

Perhaps “good enough” isn’t really good enough. Is holding off on updating your technology holding your business back? What factors do you need to consider when holding on to outdated technology? Read on…

Impact on Productivity
So, your aging server crashed, again! Your employees are sitting at their desks waiting…all the while losing precious work hours. System downtime directly correlates to time and money lost. Updated technology and support allow you to focus on your business – not the technology problems. An outdated network, PC or Laptop not only slow your workers’ productivity, but a reliance on older hardware and software will also hinder new technology you want to incorporate into your workplace. 

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I’m looking at new PCs & laptops at NFM and Best Buy. Is it okay to buy a consumer class computer for my business?

Joel Havenridge

Every now and then we have a client that for one reason or another ends up with a consumer class computer. They may be wanting to save money, or needed a computer for a new hire ASAP. So what's wrong with that? If it's an HP computer that should be good enough right?

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